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Saturday, 25 October 2014

'You haven't got a 'never been seen' illness....'

Sally post again...sorry Foggy!

Back in 2007 when I first started with M.E. symptoms and had almost weekly hospital visits trying to establish what was wrong; I, obviously, turned to friends for support. In the most part, I received fantastic support and I will be eternally grateful for the phone calls, girly chats, visits I received while I was stuck at home. However, one friend's reaction will always tweak a hurt response from me. I won't name him but he will know who he is when he reads this.

In a paragraph, to sum up what was said (obviously not word for word...it was 7 years ago!): 'Get over yourself. You will not have a never been seen illness. You aren't a one off, there are probably millions of people with the same thing. Stop going on about it. You'll get diagnosed eventually, take a pill and recover. For god sake it's not as if you have got cancer'.

I'll just let you digest that.....

I may now be diagnosed (kind of....everything else has been ruled out....but...), yes there are millions of us with the same (ish) symptoms. When you are stuck at home with no idea why you feel so dreadful, feeling like your previous 'living life to the full' self has gone, and being fobbed off by doctors it is the only thing you have any desire to talk about!! As you will all be aware now, if you have been following this campaign, there is no treatment...let alone a pill!! As for recovery ........ who knows!!  The last comment about cancer is particularly hurtful. Unfortunately, because you can see the ravaging effects of cancer people do not see M.E. as being in the same league but, as someone who has had cancer, I can tell you it is just as debilitating, life changing and devastating to the sufferer, family and friends.

Since then I have a much more positive outlook and get on with life much more than before. I am lucky to be able to do that; there are many sufferers out there with symptoms much worse than mine and living a full life isn't possible.

Onwards and upwards,


Sal xxx

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