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Monday, 13 October 2014

WOW...that was a busy weekend!!!


Foggy has allowed me to hijack his blog again. So much has happened this weekend it was hard for his doggy brain to compute it all!!

All Foggy Followers will have noticed that it was my birthday this weekend....I love birthdays and want the whole world to know when it's my special day! Sorry if it was a bit self indulgent but hey...I think I'm worth it :) My birthday ALWAYS coincides with the Royal Marines Band Service Reunion weekend in the UK. My dad was in the RM Band for 26 years and so I grew up enveloped in the world of music and friendship. The reunion is held in Portsmouth each year (handy for my family!) and we always attend to catch up with old friends. My dads band friends are like extended family and I love them all dearly xx
The evening's bar staff...not the usual day job!! Thanks for the photo guys xx
Anyway, just in case anyone was interested in the campaign I took along some of Foggy's business cards (very organised for once!) and some I Heart Foggy signs in case any slightly tipsy people wanted to support Foggy with a photo on Saturday evening. I was blown away by the enthusiasm I received. I will always be amazed by just how many people are connected to M.E. by spouses, relatives and friends. As I have said throughout this campaign, M,E. is becoming increasingly common and touches most people in one way or another.
Say I Heart Foggy and smile :)

On Sunday was the RM Band Memorial Service at Portsmouth Cathedral. This is always an emotive service remembering bandsmen who are no longer with us. We were treated with an orchestral mini concert prior to the service - fantastic as usual. More fundraising/networking was done on the Sunday too...Foggy's word was definitely well and truly spread! Over the two days lovely RM Band folks (ex and serving) donated £183 to Foggy's campaign...I managed to sell around 10 badges - important conversation starters! Thanks to the hard selling techniques of Debs and Butch the badges were a success! Fabulous!

If I am honest I hadn't expected any interest. Up to this point in the campaign I have had little or no interest from military people. Because serving personnel are physically fit many don't understand invisible illness. It's not something they encounter on a daily basis unless family/civilian friends are affected. So, I was a little overwhelmed by the support I received.

This man's nickname is Foggy.....tee hee
I would like to say thank you very much to every person who has talked to me about Foggy, donated or offered to help the campaign this weekend. I am extremely grateful for the donations and enthusiasm received.

Enjoy some of the photos from Saturday night.

Bye for now...I'm off for a rest!! Sally xxx

Selfie!! Thanks Tony xx

'We heart Foggy'

Caleb would only pose with a pint in his hand....Apparently Foggy isn't butch lol

Oh and....Foggy managed to send birthday wishes in his own special way from Florida......

Thanks Foggy!! Doggy snogs xxxx

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