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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Family Ties With M.E./C.F.S.


This post is considering whether M.E can run in families. I was unable to find anything on the M.E Association website but found this link from meresearch.org Does M.E/CFS run in families?

Anyone who has watched Unrest has seen that different generations of the same family can be struck down with M.E. Personally, I know a number of families that have two generations with the illness. It is hard to know whether it is due to genetics or probability, given the high number of sufferers in the UK/worldwide.

For years, it has been a running joke in my family that I have inherited all of the bad bits from my parents. My Dad has stretchy skin (Hypermobility Syndrome - without the pain), various allergies that have appeared over time, and in later life, has developed digestive issues (I.B.S/Colitis) and my
My family xx
Mum has suffered from migraines and light sensitivity for decades. It will always be a mystery as to whether the combination of their health conditions has lead to my M.E diagnosis. There doesn't seem to have been a recognisable chronological order as ailments have appeared out of nowhere with no identifiable cause.

I have had conversations with parents who blame themselves for their child's health problems; not just M.E, other illnesses too. Which, as I have said to them, is ridiculous and their child's illness was entirely unpreventable. It is simply how things have evolved and presented themselves. 

Something I have been struck by is how sometimes the child gets M.E first and the parent gets diagnosed decades later. Does that strike anyone else as odd? I have personally met these families and their circumstances make no sense to me in terms of chronological order. Does it worry me that my parents could get M.E? Yes, yes it does. Especially as each month brings new health issues that may or may not be M.E related - fatigue, memory, word finding problems etc. It could just be ageing but it could also be something more sinister. I am definitely keeping an eye on my parents....just in case.

Love Sally,

and Foggy (OBVIOUSLY) xxxx

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