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Thursday, 18 October 2018



25th October marks one year since Patch left Foggy HQ forever to chase squirrels and run through meadows for eternity.

To mark the date, I am starting an annual day of thanks to those who SEE us and offer love, support and practical help to get us through each day.

Patch saw me. He knew when I was having a bad M.E/C.F.S day, the love he showed me was ramped up when he could sense I had reached my limit. He was the inspiration behind ME Foggy Dog and it is appropriate that he is now the inspiration behind our day of thanks.

I like to do things in a lighthearted way so the hashtag
for the day is - 

Why on earth have I chosen that?

Because Patch's nose was my favourite part of him. So, I have included it....with a play on words! 

Nose = know
Me = me AND M.E.

It works...right?

So, 25th October is the day for you to post about those in your life who see your invisible disability and support you. This could be a family member, spouse, friend, doctor, even a pet!

Send Foggy your videos (If you are brave enough), post your comments with  #YouNoseMe. Tell them what their love and support means to you. Photos would be lovely to see too.

Of course, Foggy and I would like you to tag us (@MEFoggyDog on Twitter/Instagram and @FoggyDog on FB) into your post so we can see #YouNoseMe in action!


and Foggy (OBVIOUSLY)

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