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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Everyone...meet 'Fred the Head'


I experienced a sudden onset of symptoms earlier and it occurred to me that 'payback' always starts with the same sensation. I get a tingling, heavy sensation at the back of my head, where the Occipital bone is located on the skull. From this point my head gets heavier and heavier, to the point that I feel an overwhelming need to get horizontal.

Pre-Foggy I used to own a therapy business; I offered Indian Head Massage (and Reflexology) treatments to clients. This is why I know a something about head anatomy. I remember, as part of a training session, another trainee therapist gave me a head massage. Massage and manipulation of the Occipital bone is part of a treatment, it's 'where most stress tension' is held on the head. The sensation was overwhelming and I felt sick and dizzy for the rest of the day. That area is obviously particularly sensitive for me. I am now wondering if this is, even in a tiny way, linked to my own M.E.

To show you where I mean I have taken a couple of pictures of 'Fred the Head'; he used to come with me to holistic fayres and sit on my table (Phrenology is nothing to do with Indian Head Massage but I love the look of him). Now he takes pride of place on the bookcase...memories of past achievement I guess. I have no idea how I managed to work full time and have my own business at weekends and evenings; there is no way I could do that now. My symptoms have definitely worsened since Foggy. I am managing through pacing and healthy eating though.

Where the red dot is on the second picture is where the 'payback' symptoms start. It is at the top of the spinal column/neck. From here the physical sensation gradually spread to the top of my head, my face gets very hot and I get swollen glands in my neck. Another sufferer recently described the feeling as like a bowling ball on the top of a spindly stick. It is at this point that speech difficulties and brain fog worsen. The sensation then spreads downwards and my spine starts to feel like spaghetti and I can't hold myself upright. I am VERY lucky....this usually reaches its peak when I am safe and sound at home; near a bed after a long day.

Anyone interested in Phrenology might like to know.....that part of the skull is said to relate to a love of animals....appropriate!!

Sally xx

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