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Saturday, 2 July 2016



I just feel the need to clear up some confusion. Foggy's campaigning finished yesterday. However, his 'Wrap Party', otherwise known as Canada Day, was last night. Due to the time difference, photos haven't been received yet. I should get some really good photos of festivities later today.

Foggy's Fund is remaining open until Monday 4th July.

So, if you love the 'Wrap Party' photos and want to donate you are able to do so. Foggy's hard work over the past 5 months can be seen in all of his social media streams (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram - account names are either ME Foggy Dog OR Sally Callow). Please take a look at what he has got up to and if you appreciate his efforts please donate via mefoggydog.org.

I am anticipating more funds to be donated and so I won't know the final total until Monday. I'll let you all know what the grand total is asap.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated. Your support is greatly appreciated. The need for research funding is so great Foggy is hoping that the fundraising baton will be picked up by lots more people during his absence.

As I have already said, I am giving myself a complete break from Foggy for a year. I was told by a counsellor yesterday that I need to learn about Pacing....ha!! I know all about Pacing, I'm just not very good at holding my enthusiasm in check! My body has started to react to the additional brain power needed to run this global campaign and so I need to take a step back to take care of myself. That said, I may not be visible on social media but am still contactable by email if you need support, advice or have a Foggy related query. Email me via the website mefoggydog,org OR direct using mefoggydog@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy looking at Foggy's party photos! I can't wait to see what he got up to!

Take care of yourselves.


Sally xxxx