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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Wash Up of ME Awareness Week

WOW, that was exhausting. Preparations for ME Awareness Week began well over a month ago when I wrote the articles for the Star and Crescent (S & C) newspaper, and since then so much time and energy has been spent to make sure as much awareness was raised as possible. Although I raise awareness 365 days of the year my efforts are trebled during Awareness Week. 

The S & C articles went down very well, I will be working with the Star and Crescent to see just how much reach/awareness was achieved last week. I would be very surprised if they didn't reach 10s of thousands of people judging by the sheer amount of retweets and shares online. Knowing that has made my increased fatigue and rubbish M.E payback worthwhile today. Thank you so much to Sarah from the S&C for her enthusiasm for our cause and support during my moments of need over the past week. Sarah has said she would like me to write future articles too to keep M.E on the public radar, wonderful! (Bum...that means I have to write them...).

I always ensure that my advocacy is open and honest, no matter how embarrassing or taboo the subject. With that in mind, I'm going to be honest about the M.E Awareness events I held on Friday and Saturday. I'll be brief as I don't want to dwell on the negative. There was very poor turnout for
both events. Considering the amount of promotion that was done for both, I was devastated. Lots of tears and tantrums. Yes, I felt/feel a failure. Trying to get the public engaged with our cause sometimes feels like an unwinnable uphill struggle. I raised around £15 in donations. My wonderful, lovely and supportive family - despite subsidising Foggy already - donated to top it up to £50. So £50 will be added to Foggy's Fund today. It has made me wary of holding events in future, I am clearly really good online but not in the real world. Stick to what I do best!  Here are a few pics and a video to show a little of what happened at our events:

Anyway, on to good news. Kat's cycling challenge was a huge success! Well done to Kat's 'Team Foggy Dog' who completed their 2x12 hour cycling challenge and raised over £160 for Foggy's Fund! Thank you so much Kat for making Foggy's Fund/ME Association the beneficiary of your hard work. I haven't heard from Kayleigh yet but she will have completed her Goodwood Walk on Saturday. Kayleigh has raised £262 for Foggy's Fund! (Combination of the donations for the Great South Run which was cancelled/never happened in October and the donations for the Goodwood Walk). Foggy snogs are coming your way Kayleigh xxx

There are now 51 days left of this World Tour!! Foggy has trips to San Francisco and China coming up but still has a few gaps to fill. If you are going overseas (from the UK) between now and 4th July please do consider taking Foggy with you. Get in touch if you would like to Foggy-sit and add to Foggy's mile-o-meter.

If you have been following Foggy's exploits for the past 10 months but have yet to donate, please donate today. This year-long campaign is my way of fundraising. I can't do marathons, walks, other physical challenges so this is how I have chosen to raise funds for ME research. It is logistical challenge - trying to get Foggy to travel 250,000 miles around the world in one year. It's not easy! Please also show your appreciation for the hard work that goes into Team Foggy raising awareness worldwide. Donate here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mefoggydog.  All money donated is going to  the ME Association for ME research. Thank you and Foggy snogs.


Sally xxx

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