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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Brand Annual Event - Marketing Help Needed.


Foggy is on his way back from Gibraltar and will be handed to his next sitter Kat later today. He is off to California/Las Vegas next week! There is a slight chance that he will be able to meet Goofy too...paws crossed!

I was relaxing this morning, catching up on my trashy mags and TV. I was also looking for inspiration for the next blog. I came across THIS advert in Glamour magazine. I've known about 'Jeans for Genes' day for years and used to take part in the annual event. It's good to see that it is still
taking place. It got me thinking about all of the other causes that hold branded events that are easily identifiable. Breast cancer - Pink/Race for Life, Dementia - Moonlight Walks, to name a couple. M.E doesn't have that. Yes, we have the annual awareness day on May 12 but that is now an umbrella for a lot of chronic illnesses too. The colour blue is also used by a lot of illnesses and so it is now not immediately clear which cause is being represented by blue ribbons. This year at Emmys blue ribbons showed support against discrimination in the arts (I think). The meaning has been blurred and expanded beyond its original use.

With this in mind, I am starting to think about a M.E or Foggy specific annual event. It would have to be fun and raise awareness of M.E as a sole entity. Go soggy for Foggy?.....Just a thought! We would also benefit greatly from having a well-known personality as our champion. Fibro now has Lady Gaga and Lupus has Selena Gomez.  M.E doesn't have a celebrity that is happy to 'endorse' the cause. We need a face to plaster over magazine adverts (provided we can pay for the ad!) that people can identify with. Email me with any thoughts you have about this (mefoggydog@gmail.com).

I need YOUR help. Please get in touch if you have a marketing background and can help me to create something new and exciting. I make no money out of Foggy and so I can't pay you, but if you would like to get a warm fuzzy feeling from the knowledge that volunteering for Foggy helps 17 million people globally, get in touch!


(and Foggy OBVIOUSLY)

p.s. Apologies if my words are a bit jumbled today. A 30-minute walk wiped me out earlier and my brain is only just recovering!

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