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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Foggy's Itinerary


Sally has been busy making plans.

This is what I will be getting up to in my last 2 months of Foggy DOES Sport

NOW - Melbourne 
4th continent - Australasia DONE!!
End of May - 15th June - Canada AND the U.S
My sitters will be taking me to NFL Stanley Cup play off games Click here for info(Ice Hockey) so I will be spending time in a few places on this continent.. Very exciting!! 
5th continent - the Americas DONE!!
22 June - 30th June - Germany - Roman Gladiator sporting fun!
7 July - 15th July - Lanzarote - beach holiday/sporty fun with Sally's family. Perfect way for to unwind at the end of this campaign!

I will have DONE sport on 5 different continents - WHOOP!! Now it's down to you guys....can I reach my other challenge of raising £5k?

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