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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Latest Foggy News!


Foggy is STILL on his way to Cape Town. We expected it to take a while due to the postal system that is being used. Rest assured, Foggy will have a whale of a time in Cape Town with Selena and photos will be published as soon as they are received.

There are a few plans to tell you about, here goes....

#FOGGY2SICILY  - Foggy is going on a well deserved holiday!

Jo Meade and Jeroen Thijs (and Harvey the dog) make up YEO-148YEYO-148 (see http://www.yeyo-148.org/). They have kindly offered to Foggy-sit Foggy in Brussels at the end of this month. Jo has said she will take Foggy to Gaelic football training during his visit. Foggy can't wait!

Jo and Harvey LOVE Foggy and want to give him a holiday at the end of this campaign. So, in July/August Foggy will be joining Team YEYO-148 during their trip to Sicily. WOW! Road trip!!
Foggy in Sicily - Christmas 2014
Take a look at the web page! http://www.yeyo-148.org/foggy2sicily.html You can see photos of their exploits on this web page and on Foggy's social media channels. Foggy's JustGiving page will include #FOGGY2SICILY as part of Team Foggy's page and you will be able to donate to ME medical research and appreciate Yeyo-148's efforts as they make their way through Italy. 

Thank you to Jo and Jeroen for thinking of Foggy and offering to make his summer one to remember!

Foggy's itinerary between now and June 16th.

April - Cape Town (Africa! - Continent number 3!), Brussels
May - Australia (Australasia - Continent 4!) Adelaide (May 12) and Melbourne
June - Ontario  (Americas - Continent 5!!!)

Bucket List

Don't forget Foggy still has a bucket list to work on! Bucket list blog. There are a few days scattered in between trips so please do think about how you can help Foggy's dreams come true, I'll try my best to fit you in!

May 12

May 12 is International ME Awareness Day. I had every intention of doing something to raise additional awareness this year, as I did last year by giving an awareness talk. However, I have decided I need to be kind to myself and let my body recover from the inner ear infection I am currently suffering from. Labyrinthitis has really taken it out of me and I want to give myself a chance to get over it without pushing myself to be well for an event. I had planned to show Forgotten Plague in one of my local cinemas. Perhaps that is something you would like to do instead? Just a thought!


I have been disappointed with the fundraising for this campaign. I have put an enormous amount of effort into the day to day running of Foggy and yet donations are not on a par with the previous campaign. Foggy now has nearly 4000 followers (three quarters are non-sufferers). If you all donated £1 (or your own currency) we would nearly be at our target. For those people that are saying they donated last time around and don't feel they want to this time. That is completely understandable. 115 people donated last time, what about the rest of you?

Love Sally xxxx

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