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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hiiiii-Yah! Miss Piggy Styleeeeee


Foggy is away for the next month or so. He's heading to Kerala at the end of next week. The first continent of this challenge, Asia = done! This afternoon, he is watching Portsmouth FC vs Oxford Utd with his *Uncle* Derek. While he is enjoying himself I am going to write a blog on how people with moderate/mild M.E. CAN participate in activities....but only to a point with restrictions.

I recently saw an advert in my local supermarket promoting a new self-defence class for ladies (http://www.ladiesthatpunch.co.uk/ ). It caught my interest. Without going into detail, I experienced a serious incident a few years ago and have always wanted to learn how to defend myself if a similar situation happened again. The first thought that came into my head was 'I wonder how physical the class is?'. I wasn't sure if it was
*Foggy* Give it some welly!
physical learning or information based. The advert said the class is suitable for all ages and abilities. So I emailed Pauline, the instructor, and told her my story. I asked if she could explain how skills were taught and if I would be able to not participate if I felt unable to. She was lovely, the classes are part information/part exercise based. She explained that if I felt something was too strenuous for me then I could sit out and watch. She said she would keep an eye on me and would check how I was throughout.

I was wary, I won't lie. But it is something I have been interested in for a while so thought I'd give it a go. I've been going through a period of exceptional stress (I'm going to take this opportunity to thank those Foggy Followers who have become close 'virtual' friends and have been supportive during this tough time). and thought it would be good to 'get out of my head' and focus on something new. 

I saw the first class as a bit of a test. I wanted to see how much I could do and see what the repercussions would be the following day. I LOVED the session. Let me stress it is NOT an exercise class. We were taught different holds and how to strike an attacker effectively. I lasted about 45 minutes before the cloak of vapour-ness (I know that's not a word) went over me and I felt as if I was going backwards. I finished the class and was enjoying that much-missed endorphin rush. When I got home my Mum said I looked 'alive' and perky for the first time in ages. 

The next day.....UGH. I couldn't feel my limbs, my body felt like vapour and I couldn't think straight. However, on balance, was it worth it? To 'get out of my head' for a short period of time? Abso-flaming-lutely! When you consider that I feel just as poorly after wandering around shops, this use of my limited energy had an uplifting mental impact and so it was a positive reason to have a flare-up.

*Foggy* EEEEK!!
I went this week and had to sit out quite a bit, my brain just wasn't 'getting it', I couldn't follow instruction. It was still good to be able to participate as much as I could. The sessions are empowering and well worth it. I will continue to go, I just have to be very careful with the physical stuff.

My point is, with M.E. you have to decide very carefully what activities are worth making yourself feel like death warmed up for. For some people that might be going out socially with friends (do you have ANY idea how much energy conversation uses up?!), looking after children, commuting to work or grocery shopping. Spontaneity is long forgotten and every activity is agonised over. I have always said that I am a mild sufferer. This class is something that I am able to do with restrictions. Many sufferers wouldn't be able to attend, let alone do the class. I feel very lucky to be able to give it a go, even if I can't fully participate. 


Sally xxx

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