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Monday, 7 December 2015

Let the promotion begin!


Well, I am finally out of my coma and stretching my paws ready for my next adventure. Sally wants to tell you all about being a 'radio star' last week :). Just in case I have Followers who aren't on social media, she is going to tell you what you missed.

I'm off to Belfast this week. A talented musician called Nick Howard is doing intimate concerts in his fan's houses and one of my Followers (Claire Thomson) is incredibly lucky to have him perform in  her parent's house. Here is his website for info - Nick Howard website Claire is donating profits to the ME Association and so is a sufferer AND fundraiser....Claire you are AMAZING xxx Massive Foggy snogs go to Nick too.  I know I am going to have a fab time with Claire...she is one of my biggest fans! Anyway...over to Sally xx


So last week I did an early morning chat on the BBC Radio Solent Breakfast Show with Julian Clegg. It was an early start and I went 'on air' at 7.25am. I have added the link below so you can all listen to Foggy and Sally on the radio!  ( I start talking at the 54 minute point). I am hoping that the interview may lead to increased exposure of Foggy's quest and subsequently spread awareness further. I am now a 'Julian's People' person and will be giving regular updates on the radio show. So, it's all good :)
it. It is only on iPlayer for one month so hopefully you manage to catch it in time!

As I said on the radio I would like (non -sufferers) people to contact me asap to tell me if they can help with sporting challenges. Perhaps you run a sports club. do sports yourself or can take Foggy to a sporting event. Whatever, as long as it is sport related I would love to hear from you. Email mefoggydog@gmail.com.

I also did a You Tube clip telling you all about the next campaign. Here it is...Foggy Does Sport


Sally xx

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