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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bits and bobs


I have insomnia (funny that!) and am taking the opportunity to update you on what has been going on lately, and what is coming up in the not too distant future.

I am going on the radio on the 30th November (around 7.25am)! EEK! I will be going into the BBC Radio Solent Breakfast Show studio and will be a 'Julian's People' person. It is a short spot, but will give me the chance to recruit people to help with Foggy's next adventure. I'll see if I can get a link so you can listen to it if you want to. Alternatively, visit their website:

My new business is going great guns. My M.E. body still hasn't got used to the new routine yet (not that I have managed to create one with the building works at home). Working combined with networking in the evenings is not conducive to a regular routine. I can set my own hours and take breaks when I want to so it's all good. Speaking of networking, I attended a business network event last night and got tips for my own business, but also for Foggy's charity work. I met a lot of lovely people, some of whom have offered to help with a few issues I am having....podcasts, intellectual property and logo's to name a few! I MIGHT also be going on another local radio station.....maybe...fingers crossed. Spreading the Foggy love as far as possible!

I am in, desperate, need of a graphic designer. I need a Foggy logo for the next campaign. I have asked three graphic designers to design one so far and have
had no luck with the results. I had contemplated drawing/scanning my own logo but was ruthlessly informed last night that the end product quality would be rubbish (charming hee hee) There is no budget. I cannot pay you. So, if you would like to help Foggy's campaign and design a simple, eye-catching Foggy Logo for FREE please do get in touch via mefoggydog@gmail.com.

I am off to the University of Winchester Library tomorrow to give an awareness talk. I will be highlighting how they can support users with M.E. Spreading the word far and wide, as usual. I will be talking for around 45 minutes with questions afterwards. I can feel my glands swelling up with tiredness just thinking about it! Maybe having a 'bad M.E. day' will be a good thing - show non-sufferers what it is truly like to be a mild sufferer. 

Finally........ Foggy has got a new website! It will be going live on the 29th November, ready for the radio interview the following day. Thank you very much to Brian for creating and running Foggy's World Tour website during the last campaign. The baton has now been passed to James Cooper. Read his guest blog post here http://mefoggydog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/guest-blog-from-james-moderate-me.html James has been extremely patient and supportive over the past few months. I have been very particular with what I want but with no budget! I love the new website and I hope you do too. So, check out mefoggydog.org and fall in love with Foggy all over again! There is a 'coming soon' screen displayed at the moment with an exciting countdown, ticking down the seconds until Foggy comes out of his coma.

Please note that the next campaign doesn't start until mid-January. 

Take care and lots of love,

Sally xx

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