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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

29 days left.....


Foggy couldn't fit a laptop in his Global Travel bag and so Sally has got an update for you.

Foggy is currently travelling first class surrounded by bubbles! He arrived back in Deal, Kent from the Philippines yesterday. By the time he gets back here he will have added 17000 miles to the total!!! So the total currently stands at 192900 miles!!!!!!! WOW

Time for a quick update about what is coming up before the tour ends. Foggy will be posted (sorry, flying first class surrounded by bubbles) to Dublin tomorrow; while he is there is going to see Idina Mendel (trying very hard to get a photo op with her...so far unsuccessful) in concert. Below is the itinerary after that:

Marle, France
International Air Show, Yeovilton, UK
London Eye and river cruise FINAL DAY - 15th July

I hope that Foggy's new Followers have looked back through his social media/blog/YouTube to see what he has been up to...it has certainly been a whirlwind!!

I will also be doing the following things before the end of the tour.

  • Trying, again, to sell the vintage Arsenal shirt. Hopefully I will have a bit more luck this time. That should add at least £50 to the total.
  • I will be holding a 'Best photo of the campaign' poll. I will choose what I think are the best 10 photos and then poll Foggy's Followers to see which is the favourite.
  • I will be auctioning off the larger Foggy that was purchased in error earlier in the campaign. I don't want a non-Foggy Follower to buy it as they wont appreciate it; so I wont be putting it on ebay. So, when I launch the bidding if anyone wants to buy Big Foggy then please just email me your maximum bid and I will see who bids the most after a 2 week period. Think that's the best/fairest way to do it. More details to come...I haven't 'dressed him yet, he's not Foggy without the collar and tag :)

Lastly...Foggy's current total combining the World Tour and abseil donations (including GiftAid)

Keep it up!

Every penny gets us one step closer to discovering the cause of this dreadful illness.

Sally (and Foggy) xxx


  1. This is fantastic Sally!! What you (and Foggy) have done with this campaign is extraordinary - well done! 😁