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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vindolanda!!!!! 748 mile round trip!!


I have been away from home since last Thursday. I've missed Patch and Sally a lot but I love my new friend Sharon who looked after me and made sure I had lots of fun! Sharon took me to a place called Vindolanda in the north of England. Sally has posted details of it before in previous blogs so I wont waffle on. I have been loving hanging out with a great bunch of big burly Romans (and lovely ladies).

It was a blooming long drive 'up north' in horrible rainy weather. I was so eager to get there and get out to stretch my legs...if you know what I mean! 

START OF THE ADVENTURE!!!!  We're off to see the Roman Army at Vindolanda near Hadrian's Wall!! I can't wait!

Foggy is trying to take over the navigations. Um...Foggy......you don't know where you are going! (and you can't read maps!)

Fields!!!!! I want to go walkies! Are we there yet?

Here at last!!! 7 and a half hours in the car....that's like 10 months in dog years!!!

Ooooh, what are they?? Not seen those before!

What? Look behind me?

I'm puckering up for a Foggy snog!

I must be a REALLY good kisser...he wants one too!!!!

Mad, bad Tungrian!! (big softie really :) Doggy snogs xxx)

I PROMISE I did not break these!!!

Tablet weaving....maybe if I sit here long enough she will roll some up and make a ball for me to play with.

I may be tiny but I bet I can get across to that rock without getting wet...

It's a hard life being THIS cute!

This scary looking man is the Vexillarius. he carries the banner of the legion. ROOOAAAAARRRRRRRRR

Let me fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........Please?.......Pretty please?????!!!!!!!!!!! NO

Let's play fetch!!!

Now you are talking!! Play time is thirsty work!

Anything they can do.......I can do better!


I think this is a Roman granary....see?....I have been paying attention!

View from the reconstructed tower

Outside the reconstructed temple...I wish I could read!

Remains of the most recent Roman fort....still very bloomin old though!

Homeward bound....long drive home to Patch and Sally

I'm shattered!! Travelled a long way in miles and in time. I'm now a time traveller :)

Thank you Sharon for dog-sitting and taking such good care of me. Roman playtime was great!

Doggy snogs,
Foggy xxxxxxxxxx

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