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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Last Few Days


Why does this always happen?

Every time a Foggy campaign comes to an end, I promise myself time off once the campaigning has come to an end. As you all know, I have mild M.E myself and this advocacy/campaigning malarky can be exhausting (on top of my usual/bog standard M.E exhaustion that we all feel every day). By the time each campaign ends I am usually frazzled and wanting to hide under my duvet for a few months.

Unfortunately, I must give off extra warm and fuzzy vibes in the last week of each campaign because every single new person I meet wants to connect, to set schemes up, help with fundraising, want me to write articles for them...the list goes on and on.

I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I am grateful for each and every opportunity that comes my way, I just wish these people had met me a few months ago. I am determined to have a break this time. I usually miss out on recharging because I get too excited and plough on with new adventures without resting. I need to rest. I'm just a little bit frustrated that the needs of my body are going to force me to postpone the opportunities that have come my/our community's way this week. I have explained the situation to these new Foggy fans and they understand and are happy to wait until September...phew.

People ask why Foggy's globetrotting has a start and an end point each time. One, it's my equivalent of a marathon. I am not Forrest Gump - running endlessly. Two, It's nice to have targets and not just roll along aimlessly. 

The gap in-between gives me chance to regroup, gather my thoughts and lay the foundations for what comes next. Explaining that to people who are disappointed that they only discovered Foggy in his last week can be tricky! But, there is plenty of stuff to look at. I have written so many blogs and articles for people to read and there are thousands of globetrotting adventure photos to look through. We just won't be actively campaigning for a bit.

Even now as I type this, I am thinking about the literature/promotional material I will need for an open day in the disability centre, where I hold our support groups, in a couple of weeks time. The open day is within my 6 weeks 'time off', but the date is out of my hands and I want to promote both M.E as a condition and my support group for M.E patients and carers. It would be silly to waste the opportunity. So, maybe my 6 weeks off will start on the 21st July.... if nothing else crops up!


Sally and Foggy (OBVIOUSLY)

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