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Saturday, 21 April 2018


Hi Guys,

So much has been happening over the past month or so, I figured it would be best to put all the info in a blog so you don't miss anything!

First up - Team Foggy LOVE the new OFFICIAL promo video!! It was filmed last August but given to us yesterday. Perfect timing for our big push in the final few months of this current World Tour.

Promo video

The structure of ME Foggy Dog will change after July but Foggy's globetrotting exploits will always continue. That's what we do! The new stuff will simply be in addition to the fun.

Foggy will get back to Foggy HQ later today, then it's straight back into first class surrounded by bubbles (post) to go and visit Emerge Australia in Melbourne. He can't wait to meet the Emerge team, Team Foggy think they do an amazing job for the Australian/global ME community.
The day Foggy met Retha

Foggy LOVED meeting Retha from the MECFS Foundation South Africa this week. She is his new favourite lady. Retha has M.E herself and works very hard to spread awareness of M.E/CFS in South Africa, and the wider continent of Africa. She has a monumental task ahead of her and Team Foggy are happy to help in any way that we can. See the photo album of his South Africa adventures here

Foggy's itinerary has been rejigged a number of times just lately so here is his current schedule.

22nd April - 5th May - Melbourne, Australia (Emerge Australia)
11/12 May - Team Foggy May 12 events in Portsmouth
15-22nd May - San Francisco
1st - 7th June - China (not 100% confirmed)
9th - 18th June - Disneyland Paris (GOOFY and Eurostar - Bucket list!)
World Tour Final day!  - Tower of London!
Foggy Followers are more than welcome to join us on our last day but FYI we will be sticking to a tight schedule. Let us know if you are intending to meet up with us.

If you can help to fill these gaps with a holiday/business trip, please get in touch!

MAY 12

We had every intention of having a low-key ME Awareness Week and May 12 this year. I wrote a week's worth of articles for the Star and Crescent (Portsmouth online newspaper) and thought that would be it. But no, I got over-enthusiastic as usual and am now doing quite a bit more than that!

Both events are open to everyone whether you are an M.E sufferer, member of a support network, friend, or an interested member of the public.

Friday May 11 - M.E Awareness Week event. Team Foggy will be holding a small awareness event in the Frank Sorrell Centre in Portsmouth between 12.30 - 2pm. Thank you Sharon from FSC for allowing us to hold this event within your Centre. Come along, meet Foggy and I, and help us to raise awareness. You can even have a pic taken with the globetrotting megastar himself! See all info here

Saturday May 12 - This year, our International M.E Awareness Day event will be a coffee morning in the Lily and Lime LD cafe in the Central Library in Portsmouth. Thank you to the Rotary SI group for helping to organise this
event. Team Foggy will be in the cafe between 10am-12pm. Same as the other event, Foggy and I will be happy to chat with anyone about M.E whatever your involvement with the illness and our M.E community. Don't forget to 'Go Blue'! Come along and help us to make our voices heard! See all info here

Both events are 2 hrs or less because.....I have M.E myself! I don't have the energy to be 'hostess with the most-ess' for long periods of time.

Finally, I have had a chat with the Frank Sorrell Centre about holding regular M.E support groups and they've said yes! So, once a month I will be holding an hour-long support/coffee and a chat session. They will be every third Tuesday of each month (apart from July due to a clash) and will be between 12-1pm. It's free to attend but tea/coffee will cost 50p. The Centre is a charity and so any contribution towards running costs is gratefully received. So, if you live in the Portsmouth area and would like to attend these support groups please do let me know. I will be publicising dates closer to the time (from June) but it would be good to have an idea of numbers. The Centre is the perfect venue as I am able to provide M.E and emotional support but they will be able to help with any disability-specific issues/questions. They are an amazing point of reference for many disabled people in the area. 

That's it for now......


and Foggy (OBVIOUSLY xxx) 

Don't forget to donate! You can give us your cash via mefoggydog.org. Thank you x

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