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Friday, 7 July 2017

Here we go again!

*Foggy* Hello!

Sally is waiting for her payback to kick in today (today is 2 days after MASSIVE exertion at the launch party) So she is settled back, taking things nice and easy and is writing this blog to let you all know what to expect from my 2017-18 World Tour! I'm resting my paws in the sunshine today.....off to the Netherlands later today!


So, off we go again! Foggy and I enjoyed the launch party immensely. We met lots of new people that live in Portsmouth and had not heard of Foggy before. I definitely raised awareness with 2 people! One person
has known me since I was 16 and yet he 1. did not know I had an invisible illness and 2. didn't know anything about M.E - he does now! There were 4 M.E sufferers present, it felt like a great mini-community and we are hoping to keep that going now that we have met in person.

Here are some launch party related links for you to take a peek at.
Launch party talk!
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Photos of the launch party!

So, Foggy is off to the Netherlands this weekend for a Roman re-enactment weekend. For Foggy's Followers who have known about him for a while, he is having adventures with Aunty Sharon again. They have so much fun together, this will be their third adventure. Here is a bit of info about the re-enactment group - Ermine Street Guard Foggy will arrive back at Foggy HQ early next week. Then it's straight off to Iceland, on a cruise with Sue Turner from Elephant in Scarlet. Sue video'd the launch party - Foggy snogs Sue xx

Tuscany comes after Iceland! Poppy will be taking him away for an Italian adventure! Foggy LOVES Italy, he has never been to Tuscany before so is looking forward to it!

Foggy needs a Foggy-sitter for August. He is free from 5th August to the end of the month. Get in touch if  a. you are from the UK and are going overseas on holiday or B. You live somewhere non-UK and would like to have him posted to you for an adventure!

Foggy has a shop! Check it out and see what goodies he is selling!

https://www.mefoggydog.org/shop/ Top tip - Measure yourself before ordering. The sizing is on the small side so you should allow an extra couple of cms just to be sure. I hope you like them - I designed them myself. Not bad considering I am not a designer! All profits will go to Foggy's Fund for ME research.

ME Foggy Dog raises awareness of M.E by concentrating on the human perspective. With that in
mind, I have been asking for other sufferers to write Foggy a blog post about their own personal experience of M.E. I want blogs from people whose story hasn't been told before. I have been sent a number - thank you. However, all blogs have been written by Caucasian women. M.E does not discriminate in terms of race or gender. If you are not Caucasian/female, please consider writing Foggy a blog post. I want to show that M.E can affect anyone, anywhere, at any age. I would like that to be reflected in these guest blog posts. Please contact me via mefoggydog.org if you would like to tell your M.E story.

That's it for now...eyelids are starting to droop. I hope you all have a good day by your own standards.


Sally (and Foggy...obviously!)

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