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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

International ME/CFS Awareness Day


Foggy is having a whale of a time in Tenerife at the moment but was very excited to hear that Sally is giving a talk on 12th May for International ME/CFS Awareness Day. Here is Sally to tell you a little bit more....


I am currently working frantically away to get a 45 minute talk ready in time. I am keen to keep the talk positive, engaging and informative. If I manage to make even a handful of people aware of how dreadful M.E. is then I have achieved my goal. I think by bringing negativity into the room I may lose their interest. All sufferers know how badly some doctors treat ME sufferers, however, I feel there is a greater need to explain the nature of the illness and the need for research than to highlight the shortcomings of the medical profession. So, to those people who have sent me images and videos to use in the past few days, thank you but it's not the direction I am taking.

A lovely man from work has offered to film the talk for me. Fabulous!! I had planned on doing a DIY effort with my own camera but it wouldn't have been very good quality sound wise. So, this way I can concentrate on the talk and not have to worry about all the extra little bits. So, people who can't come to the talk will be able to watch it online (after I have time to upload it!).

Anyway, that's it for now. See you on the other side! Photos and video coming up.

Sal xx

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  1. Hi Sally, I like the direction you are taking with your presentation. I have no doubt people will find it interesting and eye-opening. It's great that someone is doing the videography for you. I look forward to seeing it! Bless you Sally, and take care of yourself through all this.