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Monday, 10 November 2014

Foggy's Trip to Northern Ireland


Foggy had a fantastic 5 days with Claire in Northern Ireland. He had so much fun he was a bit emotional when they said goodbye at the post office. During his stay Claire helped Foggy write a diary.....this is what they got up to.....

Days one and two

Claire had to work (she's an accountant.....) so took Foggy into the office. Foggy was Claire's assistant for the two days..... Foggy frollicked in the office foliage during his rest breaks. Claire also took him to her work's 'Making cocktails' social.....Foggy LOVED that!! 

Day three

Claire took Foggy to school!! He spent time with Mrs Brown's primary class learning stuff. He also played in the sandpit, and they have a great climbing frame outside!  Thanks to Carryduff Primary School (where Claire's mummy teaches) for looking after Foggy during his visit xx doggy snogs xx

Foggy made lots of new friends and he even got a mention on the school website! Foggy believes awareness should start at a young age. Claire (M.E. sufferer)and Foggy went home for a nap and then set off to explore the Titanic museum in Belfast.

Claire told Foggy everything he needed to know about the Titanic and the museum. Foggy was fascinated! Claire can tell the specifics much better than Foggy so here goes.....

'The Titanic building is designed to be the same height as the Titanic would have been, and has a unique shape, so that wherever you look at it from, there is a pointed front that bears a resemblance to the front of the Titanic, as well as also resembling the fateful iceberg...

Beside the building lives the SS Nomadic, now a museum in its own right. It was one of the tugs that would have pulled the Titanic from its launch site out into open waters. 

On down the road from the building are Titanic Studios - the film studios where much of Game of Thrones is filmed (the indoor bits, anyway). We couldn't get any closer to it than this as I think they were actually filming  - they had the place sealed off so no-one else could get near it. The films Dracula and City of Ember were also filmed here, and there's talk of Disney wanting to use it in the future. Exciting times'

Foggy had a wonderful time at this museum, thanks Claire. He knows he would have been very scared and wanting his Sally if he had been on the Titanic. 

Day four

Lots of adventures today - Claire and Foggy drove up to Derry, which is another big city in Northern Ireland, and it's really really old! Saw lots of cool things, including cannons that were 400 years old! Foggy even sat on one (or two)!! Thankfully they didn't go boom!! Foggy and Claire met the lovely Mayor of Derry (Brenda Stevenson) too - she wanted to have her photo taken with Foggy, and said she would put Foggy on her facebook page! Foggy is going to be even more famous than he is already! Claire also took Foggy to see the Peace bridge.....Claire explains...
'Derry has seen its fair share of troubles, just like Belfast. It's historically always been a divided city - it is built on the banks of the river Foyle, and one side has traditionally always favoured a united Ireland, and the other the union with Britain. Like Belfast, it has seen a lot of change in the past decade, most recently in the past few years. One of the biggest "events" has been the opening of the peace bridge - a pedestrian bridge across the river, linking the two communities. Obviously, there were bridges before this point, but this was more of a symbolic thing than to address transport etc!! Today was my first time to walk over it actually, so who better to pose with than Foggy?! The words on the poster are in English, Irish and Ulster Scots, in case you're wondering!'
Claire, her brother Chris and Foggy stopped off for something to eat and the biggest pot of tea Foggy has ever seen! Cuppa (milk 2 sugars) please...Claire clearly knew how to keep Foggy happy. Foggy missed the England rugby match on telly, but was home just in time for the Ireland match. Foggy got his rugby fix :) 

Claire is one of Foggy's biggest fans and Sally was so pleased that Foggy could visit her in Northern Ireland. Foggy is now in a jiffy bag on the way home but he is a happy dog knowing that this trip has added around 1150 miles to his mileage and he has now travelled a total of 47150 miles!!

Copenhagen....Foggy is coming to you on Thursday!!

Doggy snogs xxxxx

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