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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Diary of a soft toy dog in Turkey!


Back in August Foggy went to Turkey with Michele. While he was there he wrote a diary. Unfortunately the diary and the camera cable went missing and have only just been found! Here is his diary and photos from his turkish adventure!

Foggy’s Turkey holiday diary

Thursday 21st August
In the minibus....on our way!!
The minibus turned up at 2pm to pick me up, the only male (apart from the driver) in a group of 10 women. It was a raucous trip to the airport. After a meal in Wetherspoons to pass the time the flight left in the early evening. After 4 hours, my first time on a plane….  We arrived in the early hours to a balmy 25 degrees. A further transfer of 1 hour 30 minutes followed before we arrived at the Tuntas Aparthotel in Turkey. Time for bed me thinks – night all zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday 22nd August
After a few hours kip I awoke to temperatures over 30 degrees and a leisurely breakfast on the terrace. Time spent by the pool sunbathing until mid-afternoon and then a trip on the dolmus (small bus) to the centre of the town for a spot of shopping.

Saturday 23rd August
More lovely blue skies and leisure time spent by the pool. Bliss, I could get used
to this…..

Sunday 24th August
We all headed down to the port today for a boat trip. The sky was blue, the sea was calm and the upper deck was festooned with cushions. Music was piped onto the deck to put us in the party mood and we set sail. We weighed anchor when we reached a cove to give the humans a chance to cool off. I settled in the shade, content to watch…. After a while we set off again cruising along the coast. Another stop and time for a spot of lunch, it’s a hard life…. The last stop was a stop at a shingle beach before a leisurely cruise back to port. We hit a bit of a
Boat trip!
swell towards the end of our trip and I must admit I felt a bit green in the gills, but all in all a relaxing day was had by all.

Monday 25th August
A few of us decided to take the long coach trip to Pamukkale. It’s 3 hours from Kusadasi but a must see trip. The first stop was to a very nice 5* hotel for lunch and a swim in the white sulphurous water followed by a wallow in the red muddy water. Then we were off to see the main attraction nearby where the hot waters spring from the earth and cascade over a cliff and the mineral deposits are left behind giving it a snow capped appearance. The walk up was a challenge for the humans who had to walk
Can you see me?!
barefoot over the hard ground and try not to slip on the flowing water. It took approximately 30 minutes to reach the summit, with lots of photo opportunities on the way and the views throughout the climb were stunning…
A short walk from the top was the famous “Cleopatra’s Pool”. The humans decided to have a swim amongst the ruins while I rested (they seem to be obsessed with bathing…).
Sadly all too soon the time was up and we had to dash to get back to the coach by the departure time. We made it by the skin of our teeth. Then another long 3 hour journey homeward but it was so worth it…

Tuesday 26th August
We decided to have a bit of a culture day today and a few of us decided to take a short taxi ride to visit Ephesus. Here some amazing ruins can be found in surprisingly good condition and you can really picture what life must have been like in ancient roman times. I have to say there were far too many cats about
for my liking… The other downside was the heat, it must have been topping 40 degrees, it’s a good job we had plenty of water and we were mainly walking downhill… But the ruins did provide lots of photo opportunities for such a handsome chap as me…

Wednesday 27th August
We decided it was time for some relaxation today and spent the day sunbathing by the pool.

Thursday 28th August

Sadly we had reached the last day of our holiday. As our flight wasn’t leaving until the early hours of Friday morning we packed up and vacated our rooms and spent the remainder of the day by the pool. A last
Chilling by the pool
minute spot of shopping followed by a meal and then we were off to the airport on the transfer coach. A very tired party of 10 plus me arrived in Gatwick at 4am and 3 hours later I was back and my human Sally came to collect me. What an amazing trip, of course I expect to have many more adventures…

Doggy snogs,

Foggy xxxxxx

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