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Friday, 15 August 2014

Foggy has merchandise!!!!!!!!


Foggy has great news! Sally has been working very hard to find additional ways for Foggy Followers to get involved with the campaign. What she has come up with is I (Heart) Foggy T-shirts and Foggy/ME Association badges.

Foggy hopes you will buy these items, wear them and help spread the word even further. Please see information below:


The above design is available in standard unisex S-5XL and women's style - standard sizes. T-shirts cost £20 each (£4.61 profit going to the ME Association)

This campaign is live for 7 days. Future campaigns may include different styles of T-shirt. Please buy your T-shirt via the link below:


Contact Fabrily if there are any questions regarding your order as they deal with the manufacture and distribution.


Sally's friend Ian has very kindly (he's lovely) donated his services to create a personalised badge for the MEFoggyDog campaign. The brief Sally set him was to make it look like a plaster, to incorporate Foggy's paw print and to highlight the M.E. Association logo. He came up with 9 designs and Sally likes this one the most.

One of the horrible things about M.E. is that it is misunderstood because it is an invisible illness. A wise lady in Sally's workplace said it would be easier to understand if M.E. sufferers wore plasters to show they are suffering. So..... that's where the plaster idea came from. We can now wear a plaster for all to see!

Initially the idea was to only give them to Foggy-sitters for free as a thank you for Foggy sitting. Sally has now decided that non Foggy-sitters can buy one if they want to have a special keepsake of the campaign. Wear it with pride and start the conversation.

The badges are hand engraved and not mass produced; that is reflected in the price. Sally is asking for donations to the JustGiving page (www.justgiving.com/mefoggydog) for £3.60 (inc p&p). Once payment is cleared please then email your delivery address to mefoggydog@gmail.com and Sally will post your badge to you.

The badge is metallic (sorry picture isn't great!- reflection) and is a bronze/gold colour. It measures 4.5 cm x 1.5 cm and has a pin on the reverse.

Foggy hopes you like his merchandise as much as he does. Hope to see photos of you wearing your T-shirt/badge really soon! (send any pics to mefoggydog@gmail.com).

Doggy snogs

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