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Friday, 25 July 2014

So far.....


Well, I am a week into my travel adventures and thought I'd give my followers a mini update. You've hopefully all been looking at my photos on Facebook and Twitter....I was pulling my best 'strike a pose' face...hope you could tell!

So far the Just Giving total is £145; I'm happy with that. All of my time in a hot jiffy bag this week was worth it. Sally is thinking up some fundraising things for me to do while I am out and about globetrotting. If you have any fundraising ideas that include me, please let Sally know and she will juggle my itinerary to fit you in.

By the end of this weekend I will have travelled 840 miles (ish) in total. Not bad! Sally is squeezing in a trip to New Zealand between now and when I climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Cerianne in September. It's going to be a tight squeeze with time but hey...this is supposed to be a challenge...right?! After that it's a doggy mind boggling mix of Oregon, San Francisco, Florida and British Columbia. I wont see Sally for ages :(  but I'm sure I will be having lots of adventures :) Sally and I are going to spend a quality time weekend in the New Forest this Bank Holiday weekend before I go off galavanting. Lots of playtime ahead!

Sally has allowed me to go skydiving but I'm only allowed to go with a human attached to me. If any of you would love to feel sick and faint with me please do volunteer! Sally has been quoted a reduced sky dive price and can give more details if you contact her direct on mefoggydog@gmail.com.

I'm in London with Mr G and his family at the moment; I'm having a great time and can't wait to get out and about this weekend. You can see photos on Monday of my hellraising at the CBeebies Prom! I'm also going on a train.....I love trains.....always means I am going somewhere really good.

Doggy snogs,

Foggy xxx

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