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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Foggy's current itinerary! (subject to change!)


I have been asked a number of times when Foggy is free to go here there and everywhere! So, I have detailed his current itinerary for possible 'Foggy-sitters' to look at.

After 16th July he will only be going to UK destinations when there isn't enough time to go overseas in-between trips.

So, hold on to your hats; this is what I have managed to arrange so far!

7th August - Jersey (first time on a plane!) back to the UK.

15th August - New Zealand (back by speedy courier!)
1st September - Mt Kilimanjaro
21st September - 14th October - USA x3 (Oregon, San Francisco, Florida)
15th - 23rd October - British Columbia

This is all in one complete block going on to the next destination one after the other.

Foggy is going to the most haunted house in the UK (a castle!!) on Halloween....spooky fun!

So, he is then free from 1st November until 23rd January 2015. I want him to be somewhere exciting overseas over the Christmas period so please message me if you would like to dog-sit.

23rd January - 7th February Kersala, Southern India - back to the UK
Mid February - Australia to meet the Neighbours cast!!

There is a possibility of visiting Vietnam, Italy and Berlin in 2015. Details not yet confirmed though.

I'm thinking about taking him to France for a short trip if anyone would like to join us. It will be in March/April time next year. Trip on the Eurostar maybe? Foggy loves trains!!

So there you go; plenty to look forward to.

Foggy and I are doing all of this to raise money and awareness for the ME Association. As much as we love that everyone is enjoying his exploits, donations and engagement would make it even more special and worthwhile.

Hugs and doggy snogs from Sally and Foggy xxx

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